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The Concept

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About Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark is a fundraising vision for the Tucson non-profit, EMVIA. It’s a nice dinner – in the dark.

It is believed that the original concept grew out of Europe in the late 1990’s. One such restaurant, the Blindekuh in Zurich, was created for 2 reasons to:

  • give blind/sight-impaired people empowerment and employment and
  • create a unique dining experience

Restaurants in a similar vein have opened up in London, Paris, Beijing, Manhattan, and Los Angeles. And it was even part of a plot in a CSI episode.

In darkness everyone becomes equal. Our opinions can’t be molded by dress, mannerisms or makeup as none of it can be seen. You learn that without sight your other senses become more acute. It gives sighted people an opportunity to test their dexterity (can you find and fill your water glass), use their other senses and to enjoy the flavors, smells and textures of their supper.


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Contact Us

8440 E 25th Street
Arizona 85710

info at emvia.org

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on the border

Braille menu available

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