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Who We Are

We are Tucson's most comprehensive resource for people with visual impairments, their families, their friends. We are here to help. 

EMVIA stands for Educating and Mentoring for the Visually Impaired Association. Our mission is to help visually impaired people and their families deal with the many issues they face. Whether you have a slight vision loss or total blindness, we are here to educate, mentor, and inform about ways in which you can manage and cope. 

With all the resources, devices, and opportunities available today, vision loss is a manageable reality. We find, gather, and check pertinent and useful information, putting it together for your convenience and ease of access. You can do just about everything you could do with sight. 

Our advisory board consists of 12 people running the gamut from career professionals in governmental services to trainers, to merchants, to citizens-at-large. Some are blind, some have low vision, some do not.

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8440 E 25th Street
Arizona 85710

info at emvia.org

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