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EMVIA is a non profit based in Tucson. To keep doing what we do we run a few fundraisers throughout the course of the year. Dining in the Dark is just one of them.

We also host a Prickly Pear Festival where we have a collection of vendors all things prickly pear from jams, ice cream, books, jewelry as well as speakers and demonstrations on how to use/harvest ... etcetera.

Another event is our Dining in the Dark Tastings. We bring the whole event to you - at home, at work or any other place you wish to host. It is a fun event, great for birthday party entertainment, hen night or just lets-get-together-and-do-something-fun event!

We bring all the party pieces with us to your designated location (plates/cups/mugs/spoons/blindfolds .. etcetera) and the food for tasting. We have the following themes:
- ice cream social
- pizza party
- bar snacks
- cheeseboard
- soup and dough

Call us for additional details.


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Contact Us

8440 E 25th Street
Arizona 85710

info at emvia.org

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